Light up some classrooms! Challenge

2008/10/06 · · 投稿者 Greg Lloyd

On Oct 1 DonorsChoose opened their Blogger Challenge 2008 to help spread the word about a great model for charitable giving. It's simple: Teachers ask. You choose, Students learn. Click the badge below to learn more and bring some light to classrooms where any contribution can make a difference. You'll feel good on a person-to-person level, and help children succeed in life.

I learned about through a Dec 2007 holiday gift from Google Ads making a starter donation for a project I could chose, rather than sending trinkets. Good for Google!

Of the many great local projects, the one that hit me was a math teacher asking for a LCD projector to follow up on the great response from 4th grade students when she was able to borrow the only LCD projector in the school one day a week for a special end of year project.

This is in an urban school district with very tight budgets and almost 90% of the students receiving free lunch.

An LCD projector is the sort of tool that's cut when absolute necessities are hard to afford - but can make an enormous difference in engaging kids in learning. The teacher made a case that was heartfelt and compelling. I topped off the starter gift and felt great.

Let's get some of this affordable tech gear in the hands of teachers who will value both the donation and vote of confidence.

Projectors can help many kids over a period of years. Choose your own favorite and let there be light!

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