Avast Ye Enterprise 2.0 Seekers!

2008/09/20 · · 投稿者 Greg Lloyd

If ye be seeking Enterprise 2.0 Skills, click Traction Software or prepare to be Boarded, Pillaged and Sunk by thy Competition! If thou knowes't not how Enterprise 2.0 Skills canst Protect thy Treasure - Unto thy very Corporate Life - Profesaarh Andrew McAfee can set thee aright. Arrhh!

If ye seek Enterprise 2.0 Skills, ye may also sail to Cambridge Maryland for the Third Annual Traction User Group (TUG 2008) meeting at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Oct 6-8, 2008. Forget not to haul your bunt well up on the yard, smoothing the skin and bringing it down well abaft, and make fast the bunt gasket round the mast, and the jigger, if there be one, to the tie.

If thou art puzzled by why I be Speaking like This, know ye that Sep 19 be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Google hath also announced that ye may now choose pirate (as well as Bork Bork Bork or Elmer Fudd) for thy search interface. This as Rumored by Douglas Cornelius, the most Fearsome Lawyer of Boston on this day.

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