re: The Evolution of Personal Knowledge Management

2006/04/27 · · 投稿者 Greg Lloyd

Evolution of Personal Knowledge Managment in four jump cuts spanning 60 years! I put this together while thinking about the SIIA Brown Bag panel Blog73: Personal Knowledge Management: Building Actionable Content from Collaborative Publishing.

For my favorite hypertext historical references, see : Blog104: Use of Weblogs for Competitive Intelligence | First International Business, Technology CI Conference, Tokyo Oct 2005. If you only want the reference list (with live links where I could find them), see BTCI Oct 2005 Abstract and References.

A special favorite is the excellent 2004 PhD thesis: Lost In The Archive: Vision, Artefact And Loss In The Evolution Of Hypertext by Belinda Barnet, University of New South Wales. In her introduction, Barnet says:

This thesis presents an argument for a new model of technical evolution, a model which claims that technics constitutes its own dynamic, and that this dynamic exceeds human evolution. It traces the genealogy of hypertext as a set of techniques and as series of material artefacts. To create this geneaology I draw on interviews conducted with Douglas Engelbart, Ted Nelson and Andries van Dam, as well as a wide variety of primary and secondary resources.

The analysis is unique and compelling; the thesis is very well researched and fascinating to read. The first person interviews with Doug Engelbart, Ted Nelson, and Andy van Dam by themselves make it an exceptional historic record.

See also Blog50: Traction Roots - Doug Engelbart
Public49: 5 November 1997 | The Godfather: The Manhattan Project, Silicon Valley, The World Wide Web

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