... And here's what Enterprise 2.0 looked like in 1968

2007/07/16 · · 投稿者 Greg Lloyd

The video This is what the web looked like in 1994 - a DEC promotional video of that era - got a bit of attention recently. Just for the record - here's what Enterprise 2.0 looked like in 1968 - courtesy Doug Engelbart and his team at SRI. Doug's bootstrapped use of Augment to design, build and extend itself shows how Enterprise 2.0 will work when we finally gets our acts together. Augment was used as a collaborative platform for: CAD/CAE design of its own hardware components; sofware development; a software repository; issue tracking; a research notebook and public journal for ARPANET software development - running as ARPANet node number three.

See the Google Video edition of Doug Engelbart's December 1968 demonstration of Augment/NLS (transcluded above), as described in John Markov's excellent 2005 Book What the Dormouse Said. For background see Engelbart's Unfinished Revolution, a 1998 symposium and celebration at Stanford University, and Doug's own BootStrap.org

Doug is proverbially described as being twenty to thirty years ahead of his time - in this case it may be forty years - but I think he'll do it again. In the words of Alan Kay: "I don't known what Silicon Valley will do when it runs out of Doug's ideas".

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